Our goal with Nurturme was bringing user experience changes to life inside an existing WordPress theme. Leveraging the existing theme’s architecture and targeting user controls to critical areas proved to be the most cost-effective path to success. The end result was a site ready for easy navigation by a larger customer base. The additional user controls also allowed for simple content updates when adding new products.

Jenkins Electric

Jenkins Electric is a pioneer in the electrification of the United States and has provided industrial electric repair and manufacturing services since 1907. We helped to migrate Jenkins’s website to WordPress allowing for greater control over content and layout. The branding and design for this project was completed by Howdy Design.

Food and City

During Food and City’s rebrand, we were called in to customize their existing WordPress theme. Our work consisted of developing the complex layouts on the home page and Story page posts. This project was developed in collaboration with Design it Please.

Battleground Texas

Through our relationship with Blue State Digital we’ve been working to maintain and modernize their website. We’ve kept things working smoothly with their fundraising and events platform, BSD Tools, and have steadily given updates to the site — giving visitors a pain-free experience.

Copacino + Fujikado

Copacino and Fujikado called us in for an extra hand for a website rebrand. We took on the more complex tasks of customizing their existing theme with complex features. The end result was a polished website for agency ready to make a big impact with their clients.

Real Massive

RealMassive is an Austin-based tech startup providing commercial property data to real estate professionals. Often described as a the “Zillow for commercial real estate”, they are well placed to take advantage of an urgent need for information in an opaque property market. I was called in to work on a WordPress implementation project where I handled full stack WordPress development with various user experience checks along the way.

Real Massives's website shown on various devices.
Fully responsive on smartphone, tablets, and desktops.