Our expertise lies in creating custom WordPress themes for small to medium business and non-profits. We help IT departments who want to outsource a website build, designers looking to bring professional results to their aesthetic vision, and agencies who desire quality digital solutions for their clients.

Web Development and Custom WordPress Themes

Web projects built to spec.

The market is abundant with WordPress themes and quality can be a hard thing to decipher from marketing messages. Our themes are built to your designs using cutting-edge software that delivers dependable performance. Unlike an off the shelf solution, our custom development fits the specific needs of your organization and customers.

Pricing for custom development is available at fixed fee or on time and materials beginning at $100/hr. Projects typically begin at $4,500.

Consultation and Strategy

Get answers and direction on tough problems.

Again, there’s a wide choice of website infrastructure options, plugins, and technical resources to choose from. With our guidance and specialized experience, learn how to answer the tougher questions and leverage resources. Learn which WordPress plugins make the most sense for your project, which hosting provider gives the best value, and if there are any pitfalls in your web strategy.

Pricing for consultation and strategy begins at $100 per 1 hour session.

Turnkey Websites

Ideal for small businesses and targeted websites.

When a simple website is in order we can help in implementing a quality, ready made solution. After recommending a website template that fits your goals, we’ll work to create a standards based implementation with your content. Choose from a high performance, low-touch static HTML website or a content management system (CMS) that makes for easy updates.

Pricing for turnkey websites begins at $3,000.


Our development projects follow a simple, straightforward process that relies on communication and teamwork.


We’ll begin by meeting to discuss the details and challenges of your project. Along with getting to know each other and determining a good fit, the goals of our initial meeting(s) are to estimate project cost, define a scope, layout a timeline, and plan out a feasible technical architecture.

To help work run smoothly, we ask that content and designs are submitted according to the following:

  • Submit images, media, and design files as a Sketch document, Invision Project, or Illustrator file. Sketch and Invision are preferred.
  • Logos and other iconography should be submitted as a web-optimized SVG files.
  • You will be responsible for handling project expenses such as hosting or plugins. Any expenses provided by us will incur a markup.
  • All images, content, and other media must be cleared and licensed for use.

When the project estimate is ready we’ll send a contract. To begin work, a deposit of 50% of the project estimate is required. The remainder of the project cost is due upon delivery of final assets.


Once development begins, your project will undergo several revision phases as outlined in the project scope. Prompt and specific feedback on our work helps to ensure that the project will stay on track and successfully meet its goals.


Once the project reaches completion and we’ve worked out any outstanding bugs, we’ll proceed to launch your project. We’ll send you an invoice for the remaining project cost and celebrate a successful launch.