Hiba Ali

Hiba Ali is an artist, writer, and scholar who’s work research follows the flows of a precarious labor, migratory experiences, and experimental music. As a doctorate student with frequent publications and exhibitions, Hiba found her website difficult to update and the presentation constrictive to her current content.

Since the needs of Hiba’s website were straightforward, I created the website using Grav which helped maintain desired simplicity. Consequently, Hiba and I had ample time to focus on the site’s overall look and feel and conducting training on how to make updates and changes. What I found most notable were the speedy page load times which were consistently between 300ms and 600ms thanks to the speed advantages offered by the flat file CMS.

Austin Rhythm and Drum

As a new small business, Austin Rhythm and Drum needed a professional web presence. Navigating the slew of online page builders and website generators proved to be more of a hinderance than a time-saver so we were called in to help. We provided a design that captured the vision of the business while catering to intended clients and put it all on top of stable, proven software.

Food and City

During Food and City’s rebrand, we were called in to customize their existing WordPress theme. Our work consisted of developing the complex layouts on the home page and Story page posts. This project was developed in collaboration with Design it Please.

Sahara Lounge

We built the Sahara Lounge website so we know everything works well. However, we were left with a desire to add some form to the function. With a modern design and custom animations that match the Lounge’s vibrant aesthetic, we sought a more attractive presentation for potential patrons.