Typography Basics for the Web

As the basis for all web content, typography has a substantial role to play in web design. Something as simple as font choice effects nearly every aspect of a website. Therefore, its important that even the average content producer takes the time to learn some of the fundamentals around typography.

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Preparing to Build a Website

Before creating a website there are some important things you can do to prepare. Many forego simple and important steps in website planning since its easy to jump into the web with the plethora of site builders coming to market. The success of a website is intimately tied to the clarity of vision and goals it seeks to promote.

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Imagery Design Techniques and Guidelines for the Web

Imagery is the face a website. Just as we look for emotional and physical cues in faces, the imagery of a website denotes a particular mood and feel to its audience. Neglecting the choice of quality image is a common pitfall that often spoils the investment made in a website. Lets explore a few guidelines and resources for ensuring your website has quality images.

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Professional Web Design in the Era of Do it Yourself Site Builders

Advancements in the technical industry have brought about vast improvements in software. The creation of WordPress democratized and streamlined internet publishing. Website builders such as SquareSpace, Shopify, and Wix have taken self publishing capabilities further by making the process of website development just as smooth. One can now build a website with little to no knowledge of basic web languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript or design concepts such as layout, typography, and color theory.

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